National Solidarity Party (NSP) (archived 20 Aug 2020)


GE2015 results
Contested seats
12 / 89 contested
0 / 12 won

Votes in contested seats


The National Solidarity Party (NSP) was founded in 1987. In 2001, the NSP was a founding member of the Singapore Democratic Alliance, but eventually withdrew in 2007. The NSPs current leadership includes Reno Fong as President, Mohamad Ridzwan as Vice President, and Spencer Ng as Secretary-General.

The NSP identifies as a centrist party, stating their belief in fair competition, low unemployment, and redistribution. Their mission statement is: “NSP exists to uphold democracy and to provide constructive ideas to benefit the Society. The Party subscribes to the establishment of a multi-partisan political system, and envisions to be a caring government”.

Latest posts

28 June – Election Update

WP, SPP release manifestos, both include electoral reforms. Pro-PAP Facebook page taken down for “inauthentic” behaviour. MPs and veteran opposition figures announce retirement.

NSP – Policies

National Solidarity Party GE2020 manifesto “The National Solidarity Party (NSP) is a democratic, pragmatic and progressive political party that treasures values towards building an open society – A society for all.”NSP GE2020 manifesto These points have been extracted from the NSP GE2020 manifesto.Read it in full here. Population growth • Taxes • CPF • Economy…

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