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National Solidarity Party GE2020 manifesto

“The National Solidarity Party (NSP) is a democratic, pragmatic and progressive political party that treasures values towards building an open society – A society for all.”

NSP GE2020 manifesto

These points have been extracted from the NSP GE2020 manifesto.
Read it in full here.

Population growthTaxesCPFEconomyPrivatisationEmploymentHousingHealthcareEducationPublic transportDefence

🍏 On population growth

  1. Singapore should undertake population growth gradually, in line with infrastructure readiness.
  2. It should be organic growth with initiatives to increase the fertility rate and a comprehensive security net for children up to 18 years old.

💸 On taxes

  1. Do not increase GST further than 7% or 9%. Look beyond GST for revenue sources.
  2. Increase tax credits for citizens caring for aged parents or school-going children.

💰 On CPF

  1. Allow withdrawals from CPF Ordinary Accounts when citizens are retrenched or facing hardship. Each household should be allowed to withdraw a maximum of $3000 per month, up to 6-months, and capped at 20% of the Ordinary Account. Such withdrawals should be fully repaid once the account holder is gainfully employed.
  2. Expand the list of tertiary education providers that are CPF-approved.

📊 On the economy

  1. Committed to an open and free competitive economy. The government’s role should be confined to formulating policies to enhance national development and economic growth.
  2. There should be a balanced ration between foreign and local investments.
  3. Local SMEs and micro-businesses should be assisted to lower costs, increase productivity, and enhance compeititveness.

🛒 On privatisation

  1. Essential entities should not depend on shareholders’ interest alone and should be sustained by a responsible government.

💼 On employment

  1. Citizens to be prioritised in the workforce.

🏠 On housing

  1. HDB should resume its core responsibilities, including the provision of quality public housing at cost-plus prices.
  2. HDB should release comprehensive details of the costs of each project.
  3. The government should render more assistance to those with financial difficulties.
  4. Increase the supply of subsidised rental flats to reduce waiting time for applicants. Prohibit the use of such flats to house foreign workers.
  5. HDB flats owned by permanent residents should be prohibited from resale within 8 years of ownership. Any profit realised from a sale of such a flat should be subject to taxation to prevent speculation. Such flats should also be prohibited from being leased out either wholly or in part.

🚑 On healthcare

  1. The government should establish an affordable Comprehensive Medical Insurance (CMI) that covers hospitalisation and outpatient treatment, including COVID-19 treatment, at private or restructured hospitals, polyclinics or affiliated private clinics. The CMI should cover all pre-existing medical conditions for children.
  2. The CMI should be mandatory for all citizens, with the government contributing at least 50% of premiums payable. It may also be extended to foreign workers, permanent residents, and foreigners residing in Singapore, but without the premium subsidy.
  3. Full payment of the CMI premium should be granted for citizens receiving public assistance.
  4. Promote the use of generic drugs. Reconsider free trade agreements that restrict the rights to use generic versions of drugs.

📚 On education

  1. Subsidised education should be extended to nursery and pre-primary levels. Administration of nursery and pre-primary education should be under MOE instead of MCYS.
  2. Citizens on government scholarships should serve their obligations in Singapore, but without being strictly limited to doing so within a ministry or statutory board.

🚌 On public transport

  1. Prioritise availability, accessibility, affordability, safety, convenience, and reliability.
  2. Monitor public transport operators closely to prevent unreasonable fare hikes.
  3. Persons with disabilities or receiving public assistance should be eligible for concessionary passes.
  4. All concession pass holders should be allowed concession rates at all times.

🔒 On defence

  1. Singapore should adopt a moderate and restrained posture and support regional cooperation and joint defence.
  2. Reduce the national defence expenditure steadily to cap it at 4.5% of GDP.
  3. The Internal Security Act should not be abused to suppress political dissidents or create fear among the electorate. All political or security detainees should be allowed a fair trial.
  4. POFMA should be reviewed and abolished if necessary.
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