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Insight: Youth Wings (RDU)

“We sat down with Nicholas Tang from Red Dot United. Nicholas, who turns 28 this year, is one of the 12 founding members of Red Dot United (RDU), and is the second youngest member in the party (the youngest being 25).”

Insight: Youth Wings (the Young PAP)

The Young People’s Action Party (YP) is the youth wing of the ruling party, the PAP. Founded in 1992, it serves as a platform for youth voices in the PAP. We talked with Kenneth Yeo from the YP, a member of the YP since 2013.

Opinion: Is it really change we want?

“If we are to vote for the opposition in trust that they do topple the supermajority, we also must give credence to the idea that the PAP may lose it’s grip on power.”


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