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GE2020 Voter Education One Stop Portal by CAPE
A great resource that covers basic voting information, the political process, and has links to other resources.

How Many Times Did Your MP Speak in Parliament by Kopi
Interesting article that dives into how many times each MP attends and speaks in Parliament.

GE2020 Manifestos by We, The Citizens
A massive spreadsheet that allows you to view all the proposals by the parties by issue.

How Each Party’s Manifesto Impacts the LGBTQ+ Community by Heckin’ Unicorn
A summary of each party’s manifesto on LGBTQ-related issues.

Every Political Party’s Stance on LGBTQ+ Issues by Heckin’ Unicorn / Rainbow Scorecard by Sayoni
Resources that summarise and rank the positions of parties or politicians on LGBTQ issues.

Greenwatch Climate Scorecard by SG Climate Rally
A scorecard of political parties based on their positions on environmental issues and concerns.

POFMA’ed by Teo Kai Xiang
A dataset of every electronic communication subject to Singapore’s fake news legislation

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