The Workers’ Party (WP) (archived 20 Aug 2020)


GE2015 results
Contested seats
28 / 89 contested
6 / 28 won

Votes in contested seats


The Workers’ Party of Singapore (WP) was founded on 3 November 1957 by David Marshall. In GE2011, it became the first opposition party to win a GRC when it defeated the PAP in Aljunied. It has been the major opposition party in recent years, holding 9 parliamentary seats after GE2015. The party is currently led by Pritam Singh. 

The WP is a center-left, social-democratic, and democratic socialist party. According to the party’s website, it seeks to promote greater accountability, give a voice to the Singaporean people, and create a vibrant civil society. Its guiding principles are “Merdeka, Parliamentary Democracy, and Socialism”.

Latest posts

7 July – Election Update

PV releases its manifesto, 4 days before polling day. PSP Sec-Gen Tan Cheng Bock says police reports against WP’s Raeesah Khan are “gutter politics”. And, RP rebutted by IMDA after the former claimed it was not given sufficient notice for its constituency political broadcast.

6 July – Election Update

WP’s Raeesah Khan apologises for online comments, will cooperate with investigations. PAP asks WP to make clear its stand on Khan. PAP’s Hougang candidate accused of stealing credit for WP-implemented upgrading programmes.

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