Singapore People’s Party (SPP) (archived 20 Aug 2020)


GE2015 results
Contested seats

8 / 89 contested
0 / 8 won

Votes in contested seats


The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) was founded in 1994 by a pro-Chiam See Tong faction that left the Singapore Democratic Party. Since 5 November 2019, Steve Chia has been the Secretary-General, with Jose Raymond as Chairman.

The SPP is a centre-left party that believes in working within the established systems to improve social justice. They promote a degree of social equality that is achievable by promoting equal opportunity. They oppose a wide gap between the rich and the poor and support moderate measures to reduce the economic gap, such as a progressive income tax, laws prohibiting child labour, minimum wage laws, laws regulating working conditions, and limits on working hours. 

The SPP declares that it upholds democracy, peace, progress, equality, and justice in its policy making process. In addition, the SPP has a long-term goal of creating a two-party political system in Singapore. It believes that this type of political system can provide Singaporeans a truly democratic society, and will provide the checks and balances necessary for an accountable and transparent government.

Latest posts

1 July – Election Update

RP release manifesto supplement, “Green Manifesto”. PSP lodges police report after posters torn down in Chua Chu Kang. Hwa Chong tells students not to post GE-related content.

28 June – Election Update

WP, SPP release manifestos, both include electoral reforms. Pro-PAP Facebook page taken down for “inauthentic” behaviour. MPs and veteran opposition figures announce retirement.

SPP – Policies

Singapore People’s Party GE2020 manifesto:A Better Tomorrow “Our Manifesto is prefaced and built upon our three guiding principles of Accountability Commitment and Empathy. Policies may shift, opinions may change, and different solutions may be required for different times. What will always be consistent are the values that underpin our policies and actions.”  SPP GE2020 manifesto The…

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