Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) (archived 20 Aug 2020)


GE2015 results
Contested seats
11 / 89 contested
0 / 11 won

Votes in contested seats


The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is a social liberal party founded in 1980. Its current leader is Chee Soon Juan, replacing former Secretary-General, Chiam See Tong, in 1995 after the latter eventually left the SDP following disagreements with the SDP Central Executive Committee.

The party began with the goal of “upholding the principles of democracy” and it now styles itself as the “vanguard for the democratic struggle in our nation”. It also currently describes itself as a “competent, constructive and compassionate” party. In recent times, it has focused mostly on issues such as the cost of living, immigration, and healthcare.

In GE2020, the SDP’s campaign tagline is “Four Yes, One No”, calling for the suspension of the GST due to COVID-19, payment of retrenchment benefits, provision of income to retirees, putting people first, and a rejection of plans for Singapore’s population to reach 10 million.

Latest posts

6 July – Election Update

WP’s Raeesah Khan apologises for online comments, will cooperate with investigations. PAP asks WP to make clear its stand on Khan. PAP’s Hougang candidate accused of stealing credit for WP-implemented upgrading programmes.

5 July – Election Update

More POFMA orders, this time for a claim related to the issue of “10 million population”. AWARE criticises PAP press release for being “insensitive” to victims of domestic abuse. And, a nice moment between opponents even as campaigning heats up.

2 July – Election Update

Manpower Ministry cites 2019 figures to rebut claims on 2020 PMET unemployment. Independent, Cheang Peng Wah, begins campaigning in Pioneer under a horse electoral logo. And PSP’s Tan Cheng Bock says he will reject any NCMP seat.

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