Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) (archived 20 Aug 2020)


GE2015 results
Contested seats

6 / 89 contested
0 / 6 won

Votes in contested seats


The Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) is a political alliance formed in 2001 by Chiam See Tong. It is currently the only active political alliance in Singapore.

The SDA was formed to “create an artificially dominant opposition party to compete against the ruling People’s Action Party”, and was part of a long-term goal to establish a two-party political system in Singapore.

After the National Solidarity Party and the Singapore People’s Party left the alliance in 2007 and 2011 respectively. The SDA currently comprises the Singapore Justice Party and Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura, and is led by Secretary-General Desmond Lim.

While there were initially plans for the Reform Party, Singaporeans First, People’s Power Party, and Democratic Progressive Party to join the SDA for GE2020, this plan ultimately fell apart due to disagreements between the parties.

Latest posts

28 June – Election Update

WP, SPP release manifestos, both include electoral reforms. Pro-PAP Facebook page taken down for “inauthentic” behaviour. MPs and veteran opposition figures announce retirement.

SDA – Candidates

Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC Abu Mohamed, 69PKMS (SDA component party) President In the news: On the issues:Political history:• 2015: GE2015, SDA candidate in Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, 27.1% vote share.Other notable moments: Desmond Lim Bak Chuan, 53FacebookSDA Chairman In the news: • 28 June: GE2020 to be last election for Desmond Lim.On the issues:Political…

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