Red Dot United (RDU) (archived 20 Aug 2020)


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Party est. 2020


Red Dot United (RDU) began in 2020, when several Progress Singapore Party (PSP) members left PSP to establish RDU. Among these members were Ravi Philemon and Michelle Lee, who are now RDU’s Secretary-General and Chairman respectively.

The party describes itself as a “national movement dedicated to serving Singapore and advancing the well-being of all Singaporeans”, and lists its ideals as being “FAITH³ – or  Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Happiness, Hope and Heart (Empathy and Compassion)”.

Economically, RDU endorses a “free and fair global trading system”, believing that it shows the greatest potential for “social and economic optimization”. The party also advocates for fiscal accountability.

Socially, the party endorses a society “based on cooperating with mutual consideration and respect”, while also achieving a balance between “socially progressive policies and individual rights and responsibilities”.

Politically, RDU believes in a sovereign Singapore that is governed by the Constitution, parliamentary democracy, and the rule of law. The party also advocates for political representatives with integrity, ethicality, and a concern for the “best interests of the nation and people”. RDU promotes a move away from “personality-centred politics” within the party.

Latest posts

8 July – Election Update

With tomorrow being Cooling-off Day, today marked a rather uneventful end to campaigning. RDU released its Green Charter. And, PAP’s Chan Chun Sing responds to audio clips circulating online.

Insight: Youth Wings (RDU)

“We sat down with Nicholas Tang from Red Dot United. Nicholas, who turns 28 this year, is one of the 12 founding members of Red Dot United (RDU), and is the second youngest member in the party (the youngest being 25).”

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