Progress Singapore Party (PSP) (archived 20 Aug 2020)


GE2015 results
Party est. 2019


The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) was formed in 2019 by former People’s Action Party member Tan Cheng Bock. Tan is the current Secretary-General.

Tan claims that his decision to form a new political party was motivated by the erosion of good governance, independence, and accountability. According to the PSP’s vision statement, the party envisions “a compassionate Singapore, committed to reducing income inequality”, and a Singapore which “values diverse opinions and ideas, built on the foundations of accountability, transparency and independence of the three branches of government – the Parliament, the Civil Service and the Courts”.

We believe that the PSP stands center-left, while also displaying elements of a “Singaporeans first” platform, calling upon the government to prioritise Singaporeans.

Latest posts

7 July – Election Update

PV releases its manifesto, 4 days before polling day. PSP Sec-Gen Tan Cheng Bock says police reports against WP’s Raeesah Khan are “gutter politics”. And, RP rebutted by IMDA after the former claimed it was not given sufficient notice for its constituency political broadcast.

6 July – Election Update

WP’s Raeesah Khan apologises for online comments, will cooperate with investigations. PAP asks WP to make clear its stand on Khan. PAP’s Hougang candidate accused of stealing credit for WP-implemented upgrading programmes.

5 July – Election Update

More POFMA orders, this time for a claim related to the issue of “10 million population”. AWARE criticises PAP press release for being “insensitive” to victims of domestic abuse. And, a nice moment between opponents even as campaigning heats up.

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