About us

Too Fang Jing

Too Fang Jing is a student at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. He is specializing in Economics & Development and wants to help make politics more accessible and interesting for Singaporeans.

Iylia Hutta

Iylia is a Psychology undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University. His professional interests lie in the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. Otherwise, he is often found reading about social issues, their related movements, and their effects on society.

Kai Yuen Suherwan

Kai Yuen Suherwan is a student at the School of International Service at American University. He has a keen interest in Asian history and politics, focusing on China, Singapore, and Japan.

Tan Kai Ling

Kai Ling is an NTU undergraduate, majoring in Public Policy and Global Affairs. She is strongly passionate about Singapore’s social, health, and economic policies. When not engaging in politics, she is out shooting with her camera and video editing.

Nigel Li

Nigel Li is a student at the Moscow State Institute of International Affairs. He is specializing in international relations and government and takes interest in Russian, Chinese, and Singaporean politics. He is also a contributing writer to the Taipei Times.

Priyankar Kandarpa

Priyankar Kandarpa is a prospective political science student. He takes a keen interest in studying voting behaviour and trends in elections. Outside Singapore, he closely monitors British and American politics.


When Ryan is not working on this project, he can be found sharing unsolicited political opinions or memes on Facebook.

Sharvin Seakara

A student of Public Policy and Global Affairs at Nanyang Technological University, Sharvin is passionate about bringing across complex policy information in simple and engaging ways, while also being deeply interested in social policy. When not thinking about politics, he is usually found theorising the next phase of the MCU.

Tang Sue-Anne

Sue-Anne is a Global Studies undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, specialising in Policy Making and East Asia. She enjoys reading about global and local affairs, and drinking good coffee.

About us

A couple of Singaporean students that are interested in politics. That’s it, really!

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