6 July – Election Update

Here’s what happened today in GE news:

  • WP’s Raeesah Khan apologises for comments that are currently under police investigation, says remarks were made “in [her] passion”, and that she “regret[s] making them” and will be “accountable for them”. WP Sec-Gen Pritam Singh says that “investigations are still ongoing” and “we have to allow that process (to) take its course”. Singh also adds that he thinks candidates “should be upfront and authentic to the public”.
  • PAP, in a press release, asks WP to make clear its stand on Raeesah Khan’s posts, calls Khan’s statements “highly derogatory… about Chinese and Christians”. Investigations by the authorities were still being conducted at the time of the press release.

In candidate news…

And in all other news…

Top image: The Straits Times

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