Opinion: Towards a compassionate nation

Covid-19 is a wake up call for a need to have leaders who are imbued with the power of love and not leaders obsessed with the love for power. As we face a General Election in the midst of a pandemic, Singaporeans need wisdom to vote – not from fear or greed – but to elect a government that is by the people, of the people and for the people. 

We need to elect committed and competent leaders and not just political parties. We need to vote for Singapore and not for any particular party. 
In 1997, I stood as an opposition candidate for the National Solidarity Party – not because I was anti-PAP but because I was pro-Singapore. It was the expression of my concern for democracy when the 4 member GRC was changed to a 5 member GRC for Hong Kah GRC at that time. 

To have a compassionate nation, we need the politics of love and not the politics of envy, anger, greed or fear. No one particular party or individual has all the answers to the crises facing us. 

We need leaders who will inspire us with servant leadership and not leaders who can manage people well with the carrot and the stick.The root of much suffering lies in greed, fear and the lust for power. Let us therefore prepare our hearts to vote – not out of fear or greed, but with wisdom and faith trusting that love will always trump all evil.

— Dr. Patrick Kee

Dr. Kee is a retiree from palliative medicine and was active in the Social Concerns minister of the Methodist Church in Singapore. He is a writer of three books, Living Well in the Autumn of Life, Living with Our Heavenly Father and Living With Our Shepherd of Love. He stood in the 1997 general election for Hong Kah GRC for the National Solidarity Party.

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