Opinion: Keep the conversation going

As elections are around the corner, I would like to share my perspective as a first time voter. I think it is very important for me to educate myself with each and every candidate’s point of view and their agendas for running for office. Which will put me in an excellent position to make an informed choice of who can speak on behalf of me and the constituency.

Reading manifestos, watching debates and rallies ain’t going to cut it. Politics should be a conversation that should take place among friends and family just like how we talk about sports. So, we must know what are the views of others on different agendas.

Each vote is very important and it counts. They’re crucial in making THE change.

This year’s campaigns are mostly talked and conversed on social media. I would like to ask our first-time voters to take the time to scroll, read and share your voices and opinions but also keep the conversations going. By doing so we can welcome change and embrace growth.

Know more about the candidates in your constituency. Ask questions, share your views so that others too can make an informed choice

— Maya Minodthini

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