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Singapore People’s Party GE2020 manifesto:
A Better Tomorrow

“Our Manifesto is prefaced and built upon our three guiding principles of Accountability Commitment and Empathy. Policies may shift, opinions may change, and different solutions may be required for different times. What will always be consistent are the values that underpin our policies and actions.”  

SPP GE2020 manifesto

The following points have been extracted from the SPP GE2020 manifesto.
You can read the full manifesto in English, and the executive summary in Chinese, Malay, and Tamil, here.

YouthCost of livingClimate changeRetirementDemocracySandwiched generationMental healthHousingEducationWorkforce

👦 On youth

  1. Reduce voting age from 21 to 18.
  2. Allowing the use of parent’s CPF monies for education.
  3. Increase youth engagement in policy-making.

💸 On cost of living

  1. No further increase of GST.
  2. Increase in cash supplement under the silver support scheme.
  3. Introduce a minimum wage.

🌏 On climate change

  1. Divestment from carbon intensive operations and resources.
  2. Mandatory environmental impact assessments and disclosure.
  3. Extending the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme.

👴 On retirement

  1. Ensure retirement adequacy by reassessing current social support schemes.
  2. Allow partial CPF withdrawals on compassionate grounds.
  3. Publication of CPF investment returns.

🏛 On democracy

  1. Enact a Freedom of Information Act which will allow the free flow of information and public access to information.
  2. Enact a Fixed Terms of Parliament Act which will prevent the ruling government from having discretion of when to call elections.
  3. Mandatory public declaration of assets for elected officials.

🥈 On the sandwiched generation

  1. Allow parent care leave.
  2. Promote flexible work arrangements.
  3. Lower income tax for new parents and higher tax reliefs for those living with parents.

🧠 On mental health

  1. Improve accessibility to mental health professionals.
  2. Push for unpaid mental health leave.
  3. More appropriate “Mandatory Treatment Orders” for offenders.
  4. Greater subsidies for mental health services.

🏠 On housing

  1. Extend the Lease Buyback Scheme.
  2. Extend SERS.
  3. Abolish the ethnic quota in HDB flats.

📚 On education

  1. Introduce environmental education into syllabus.
  2. Introduce financial literacy into syllabus.
  3. Reduce teacher-student ratios.

⚙️ On the workforce

  1. Mandate unemployment insurance and ensure retrenchment rights.
  2. Review existing free-trade agreements.
  3. Abolish the retirement age.
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