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Singapore Democratic Alliance GE2020 manifesto:
SDA: A Heart for the People

“The young university graduate who is working as a supermarket cashier. The father who cannot sleep at night because he lost his job. The old Aunty who worries that she hasn’t collected enough cardboard to pay for a humble lunch. These are the people we are fighting for. And we will never give up.”

SDA GE2020 manifesto

These points have been extracted from the SDA GE2020 manifesto.
Read it in full here.

Cost of livingPublic spendingSocial inequalityCPFImmigration

💸 On cost of living

  1. Cut GST to 3% for basic and essential items.
  2. Progressive GST of 3-15%, with luxury goods taxed at the highest percentage.

🚧 On public spending

  1. Stringent checks prior to approving expenditure on vain-glorious mega projects such as the Founders’ Memorial and Changi Jewel.

🧗 On social inequality

  1. Channel an extra 1-5% of the annual net returns on investments towards helping youth from disadvantaged families. Last year’s returns totaled $17 billion.

💰 On CPF

  1. Senior citizens should receive their CPF savings in full upon hitting the retirement age. Reserve a component for MediSave and MediShield Life.

✈️ On immigration

  1. Stricter qualifying criteria for local firms seeking to hire foreign working professionals.
  2. Tighter quotas on foreign working professionals and require that these professionals come from Singapore-accredited universities.
  3. Tighter labour audits on companies.
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