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Reform Party GE2020 manifesto:
Build Back Better, Fairer

“We are facing an unprecedented global economic and health crisis the likes of which have not been seen in our lifetimes. This is a particular threat to Singapore’s ability to continue to prosper as we are already over-reliant on global trade and the Government’s economic model of over-saving and running huge Budget and current account surpluses.”

RP GE2020 manifesto

These points have been extracted from the RP GE2020 manifesto and its supplementary “Green Manifesto”.
Read the main manifesto in full here. Read the “Green Manifesto” here.

Cost of livingEmploymentHealthcareEducationGreen Manifesto

💸 On cost of living

  1. Suspension of GST for this year and next and then a review with a view to eliminating it on certain essential categories of spending like food, utilities and medicines.
  2. Seniors’ benefit for those over 65 of $500 per month.
  3. Child benefit of $300 per child per month for those at or below 1.5 median incomes.

💼 On employment

  1. Unemployment benefit of up to six months based on 75% of last drawn salary with a cap of $2500 per month.
  2. Minimum wage of $10 per hour which will ensure more jobs go to Singaporeans and better wages for foreign workers.
  3. Employment pass minimum salary to be raised to at least $5,000 per month with a cap on total numbers. Additional tax for those who have not done NS.

🚑 On healthcare

  1. Universal health care.

📚 On education

  1. Free university education for those who have served NS and for persons with disabilities that are exempted on medical grounds. Women should also be able to benefit from the opportunities of NS as part of a comprehensive commitment to gender equality, including an Equality Act, equal pay, and 50% female representation in Parliament and the boardroom of state-owned companies.

🌏 On the RP Green Manifesto

  1. Aim to reduce absolute emissions to as close to net zero as possible by 2050. A target of 40% by 2030.
  2. Introduce a Response to Climate Change Act, a legal framework that will coordinate actions required to reach the 2050 aim.
  3. Explore tax breaks, expert training, and guidance in adapting and retro-fitting existing buildings instead of demolition.
  4. Phase out hydro fluorocarbons (HFC) refrigerant use. Start a household green grant for HDB residents that wish to adopt new greener air-conditioner models or maintain existing ones.
  5. All new buildings must conform to a strict new code regarding embodied carbon in materials.
  6. Education and guidance to encourage reducing consumption overall.
  7. Introduce composting into the waste cycle via community composting sites.
  8. Invest significantly in renewable energy, particularly reliable battery storage.
  9. Expanding the adoption of point-to-point electric car share clubs and expand the provision of charge stations.
  10. Reduce COE by 5% of the current rate for car owners that switch from petrol/diesel to electric, and 10% for those that buy a new electric vehicle without exchanging.
  11. Free bus travel for the following groups:
    • Singapore school-going children up to age 16.
    • Singaporeans over 65.
    • Singaporeans with special needs and their caretakers.
  12. Redesign streets to create cycling routes and a network of cycle highways. Provide free parking for bicycles.
  13. Sovereign wealth funds, Temasek and GIC, should make public the companies they invest in, end investments in fossil fuel and other damaging industries, and commit to a low carbon portfolio by 2025.
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