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Peoples Voice GE2020 manifesto:
It’s Time for Change

“Peoples Voice wants to deliver a fairer and more prosperous society for the many, and not just the privileged few. Over the years, no one who has lived in Singapore can fail to recognize how the State has become ever more powerful and rich at the expense of the individual.”

PV GE2020 manifesto

These points have been extracted from the PV GE2020 manifesto.
Read it in full here.

Employment • CPF • Immigration • Cost of living • Accountability and transparency

💼 On employment

  1. Freeze issuance of all new S-Passes and significantly reduce the number of Employment Passes available to foreign workers.
  2. Total repeal of CECA.
  3. Ensure mechanisms for knowledge and skills transfer to Singaporeans.
  4. Implement a living wage. This minimum wage must at least cover (after CPF deduction) the amount needed for a basic standard of living in Singapore, which an NUS study has determined to be $1,379 for seniors.

💰 On CPF

  1. Push for the restoration of CPF return at 55.
  2. Push for the management of CPF funds by the best professionals in the fund management industry.

✈️ On immigration

  1. Push for fundamental reforms of our immigration policies to ensure the population does not exceed 6 million.

💸 On cost of living

  1. Push for reforms so that high rentals do not cripple small and micro-businesses.
  2. Eliminate GST on essential items such as food, medical services, children’s clothes, books, etc.
  3. Reduce GST from 7% to 5%.

🏛 On accountability and transparency

  1. Push for a code that prohibits the spouses or next-of-kin of Ministers of persons holding offices of State from being engaged in positions of responsibility related to government. Such positions include the Auditor-General and the Chief Executive Officers of our sovereign wealth funds.
  2. Push for legislation that makes institutions such as the Elections Department, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, and the Department of Statistics to be independent of the control of the Executive.
  3. Repeal the Reserved Presidency.
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