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Progress Singapore Party GE2020 manifesto:
You Deserve Better

“Large segments of the population are at risk of falling through the cracks and we need to support them with compassion to ensure that they get back on their feet. Rehashing past policies is definitely not the way to go. We need to have a paradigm shift and look for workable alternative solutions going forward.”

PSP GE2020 manifesto

These points have been extracted from the PSP GE2020 manifesto.
Read it in full here.

Taxes • CPF • Employment • Housing • Social support • Local SMEs • Public accountability • Public spending • Civil liberties

💸 On taxes

  1. Freeze tax and fee increases for the next five years.
  2. Exempt basic necessities from GST.

💰 On CPF

  1. Withdrawal of up to $50,000 at the age of 55.
  2. Sale of en-bloc rights.
  3. MediShield Life premiums to be paid by the government.

💼 On employment

  1. Prioritise local workforce in jobs.
  2. After the economy stabilises, all sectors to have a living wage introduced.
  3. Introduce an Employment Pass quota.
  4. Lower the quota for S Pass and Work Permits.
  5. Review free trade agreements.
  6. Curb the supply of foreign labour to push employers to invest in equipment or methods for higher productivity.
  7. Move towards a system of  more value for higher wages.

🏠 On housing

  1. En-bloc redevelopment for all old HDB flats.
  2. Fix new flat prices to income levels.
  3. Bring down housing costs for young Singaporeans.

🤝 On social support

  1. Improve financial assistance for those unemployed due to COVID-19.
  2. Increase ComCare payouts.

🏭 On local small and medium enterprises (SME)

  1. Give local SMEs priority in public sector procurement.
  2. Invest in local SMEs.
  3. Support local SMEs in restructuring and spreading overseas.
  4. Reduce business costs to revitalise industry and bring down the cost of living.

🏛 On public accountability

  1. Reduce the dominance of a single party in Parliament.
  2. Offer different viewpoints and suggestions.
  3. Expand Presidential oversight over more key public appointments.
  4. No conflicts of interest in key public appointments.

🚧 On public spending

  1. Cut ministerial salaries and peg them to median income.
  2. Frugal public spending.
  3. Have large projects be subject to greater scrutiny.
  4. Public transport and utilities not to be used for profit.

⚖️ On civil liberties

  1. Allow for speaking up without fear or favour.
  2. Encourage the diversity of viewpoints.
  3. Relax the regulations on media and arts.
  4. Review POFMA.
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